Each year the Tennessee Woman’s Missionary Union assigns Missionary Kid/ Third Culture Kids going to college in Tennessee and whose parents are currently serving through International Mission Board to an association for nurture and encouragement. TVBA’s MK for the 2019-2020 school year is Joseph Leech. Joseph is a junior at Union University in Jackson, TN, and his birthday is June 27th. Please take time often throughout this year to encourage Joseph by sending notes, emails, gift cards, care packages, etc. to:

Joseph Leech
UU 560
1050 Union Univ. Dr.
Jackson, TN 38305



July 2020 – Latest update from Joseph, (I) “Working back at the gym now and my family was able to come to the US. They are in Jackson staying in a church house. They’ll be visiting until the end of July. So it’s great having them around.  Thank you guys for all that you do! You are such a blessing! “
amazon email is joseph.leech@my.uu.edu 


June 2020 – Happy Birthday Joseph on June 27th. 

March 2020 – We were quite concerned for this young man, with so many college campuses closing and not having his family close by to return home to.

“Thank you for checking in on me. I’m currently living in my dorm on campus. They are not shutting them down, so I won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay. The gym I work at got closed down until mid-April, at least that’s the date set for now. I’ve been working for Instacart delivering groceries to make it by. The pay is actually not bad and people are generous with tips, so I’m making it by just fine.

My parents and my younger siblings are in Malaysia still. They were planning on coming to visit this summer but their flights got canceled. So if you could be praying that they will still be able to visit. Missing my family a lot.

Thank you for always keep my family and me in mind. I really appreciate you guys and your prayers. If you guys have any prayer requests, I would be glad to be praying for you as well.”




February 2020 “Classes are going well and recovery has been quick. Pretty much back to 100%. If you guys could just be praying that I continue to stay motivated with classes and work. I’m going to be a fifth-year senior, so I have another year to go and not sure if my missionary scholarships will carry over. So if you could be praying that I will be able to get scholarships that will help me finance my last year of college that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys so much for the support and prayers. It’s always a blessing!”

Joseph wrote the following after sending him a back to school welcome in January 2020.
“I appreciate the prayers! I actually just had to be taken to the ER to get my appendix removed a couple of days ago, so currently recovering from that. The surgery went well and I’m healing fast, so thankful for that. I’m currently finishing up the last week of Jan term and spring break will begin after that. If you could just pray that I do well on my exams and that I continue to heal without any complications. Thank you! “

CHURCHMay 2020YTD 2020
Clear Creek0$300
Concord Union$100$500
Cranmore Cove0$1,421.75
Dayton First$629.09$2,797.07
Graysville First$50$150
High Point$15.72$215.61
Lake Drive$450.32$1,618.49
Mercy Missionary$100$500
Mt. Vernon$100$500
Mt. Zion$105.87$520.16
New Union$300$1,200
Old Washington$250$1,250
Pilgrim’s Rest0$600
Saint Clair0$973.02
Sale Creek First$185$925
Spring City First$1,354.77$5,076.6
TBC Supplement$782$3,910
Walden’s Ridge$435$2,618
Wolf Creek$1,007$5,146
Yellow Creek$41.28$728.68
Total Received:$6,839.55
Total Expenses:$5,622.36
Ending Balance:$17,239.83

Vacation Bible School


 Tennessee Valley Baptist Association VBS Director:

Donna Pendergrass    (423) 240-7236     veggie6879@aol.com


TVBA VBS Training Clinic, April 7th, First Baptist Dayton, 7 pm

Click here to visit Lifeway for more information about the 2020 curriculum


An update from Vicki Hulsey, TBMB Childhood Specialist –  I know ministry has been quite different the past few weeks.  Across the state Preschool and Children’s Ministers and Directors  have shared great ideas about how VBS can still happen in the wake of COVID-19. LifeWay has also created several helpful resources that I want to make sure you are aware of. including the  launching pf a brand new Facebook group that is totally devoted to VBS to make it easier to see the discussions and resources all in one place. You will also be able to invite others on your associational team to that group. Pastors and church staff can join as well. You can request to join the group here:


VBS Directors: Use the form in your packet or HERE to report

TVBA Churches VBS dates:

We will be updating the dates for 2020 VBS as we receive them

Bethel Baptist: 
Central Baptist:
Clear Creek Baptist:
Concord Union Baptist:
Cranmore Cove Baptist:
Dayton First Baptist:
Garrison Baptist: June 7-11, 6-8:30 pm
Grandview Baptist:
Graysville First Baptist: 
High Point Baptist:
Lake Drive Baptist:
Mercy Missionary Baptist:
Mt. Vernon Baptist:
Mt. Zion Baptist:
New Union Baptist:
Ogden Baptist:
Old Washington Baptist:
Pilgrim’s Rest Baptist:
Saint Clair Baptist:
Sale Creek First Baptist:
Salem Baptist:
Smyrna Baptist:
Spring City First Baptist:
Walden’s Ridge Baptist:
Wolf Creek Baptist: June 8-12, 6-8:30 pm
Yellow Creek Baptist: May 25-29, 6-8:30 pm